SPINAKERR checkout head is a complete computer with power supply and selfcheckout software. It comes with a touch screen and USB ports for connecting external devices.

Additional options:

• A possibility to mount anti-glare glass in touch screens

• Vertical scanner, type area imager with ZEBRA SE-3307SRL000R or Datalogic DSE0420 mechanism, mounted from the customer side

• Version A - Rock Touch 10” touch screen with 3 mm safety glass from the assistant/cashier side

• Version U - elements of the payment terminal for unattendent Verifone or Ingenico payment cards:  · card reader  · pin-pad  · contactless transactions module

• Version S - a possibility to install Ingenico type IPP3XX payment terminal


Technical specifications:

• IEI EKINO- BT-J19001-R10 computer (motherboard)

• MEAN WELL RSP-150-12 12V / 12.5A power supply

• Rock Touch 10” touch screen with 3mm safety glass on the customer side 

• Audio system for voice communication with the customer

• HemiTech Self Checkout Software ver 2.0.

• Windows 10 Enterprise operating system